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Bats do not pose a threat to public health, as human contact with them is very rare, even when they share the same buildings.

Because bats do not build nests, they leave very little or no damage to buildings, preferring instead to hang up or crawl into cracks and crevices.

They also help gardeners by eating a variety of garden insects and pests.

Perhaps the most significant nuisance value of bats is the fear of them flying straight at you. However, they are not, as is generally thought, blind. They use highly developed sonar to “see” in the dark by listening for echoes of their high frequency calls. Therefore, they are well aware of your presence. They also have good steering and will not fly into you.



Contact Local Bat group – All bats are protected species. It is illegal to harm bats in the UK, or to disturb their roosting or hibernating sites.

Our Pest Control Team CANNOT remove bats from you property.

For more Information please visit the website forĀ – “The Northern Ireland Bat Group”