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Genus® Discreet

Genus® Discreet: Silent Safe Effective Insect Control. Discreet incorporates the latest translucent technology to ensure a discreet fly catch.

Genus® Discreet has been designed to be used in sensitive places, such as bars, restaurants, receptions and public places where it will offer safe and silent insect control. Genus® Discreet allows insect control units to be used in areas where both public image and hygiene are important.

Genus® Discreet works using proven UVa light to attract insects and specially formulated glue boards to ensure safe, fast and effective insect entrapment. Extensive research has shown that both shape and colour determine the number of insects attracted. The results of this research have been incorporated within the Genus® Discreet design to ensure optimum performance. In addition, the Genus® Discreet lens cover uses patented Translucent Technology™ to attain the highest possible performance levels.

Translucent Technology™ is the result of years of effort to develop a lens system that will collect and refract the UV light. This in turn enhances the total emission efficiency, which is the essence of high catch rate. The specially formulated (465 sq cm 72 sq inch) control boards ensure fast effective insect entrapment and are completely hidden from view. They can be changed quickly and easily.

Genus® Discreet incorporates the latest design innovations alongside the best-proven technology to create a product, which is uniquely different and highly effective.


Models Available

 Glue Board – Fly Catcher
High Voltage – Fly Killer

 20-1060-00 – Discreet – 1 x 26W, 26W


Size:  370mm (H) x 185mm (W) x 105mm (D)

Weight:  2.5kg



  • Food Stores
  • Eating Places
  • Kitchens
  • Health


  • Silent Insect Control
  • High Light Output Energy Efficient Lamp
  • Large Catch Area (465 sq cm 72 sq ins)
  • Proven Effectiveness
  • Worldwide Electrical Safety Certification
  • Translucent Technology
  • Tool free maintenance
  • Unique Innovative Attractive Design