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Feral Cats

An unmanaged feral cat colony can be viewed as a problem by humans due to their sheer numbers and the possibility of spreading disease. Most colonies are subject to abuse because they are viewed as a nuisance. As long as there is a food source available, the cats will continue to breed and exist in a particular environment. They are unable to “take care of themselves” and do not know how to control their population. Feral cats generally live very short lives, often the victims of disease, nutritional deficiency, or they may be killed by vehicles or become prey for other animals.  


PPC has a policy on feral cats. We do not euthanize. It is our practice to arrange cage trapping and removal for the cats to be spayed / neutered and then returned to the same location. If this is not appropriate we will arrange for the cats to be placed with a local animal sanctuary that has a policy of non destruction. Using cage type traps does not harm the cats in any way, allowing us to transport them safely to be vaccinated , neutered and returned to their original location. This is a more successful approach when dealing with Feral cats. It is now widely accepted that when a Feral cat is euthanized, another new arrival will very often quickly take its place. Due to a short reproduction period they soon become a real nuisance. However when a colony has been neutered the cats will remain and defend their territory and stability is established.