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Odour Control

PPC Environmental Ltd provide a range of odour control equipment and products. These are mainly for commercial use in toilets and public wash rooms, other public areas, commercial kitchens, food stores, cold rooms, waste storage areas and waste chutes.

When conventional solutions are not meeting your odour control expectations the ENVIRO ANGEL unit can deliver an effective solution in virtually all commercial environments. Washrooms in particular can be a constant source of embarrassment and expense to keep fresh. Harnessing the power of natures own air freshener, ENVIRO ANGEL will keep your facilities free from malodours and create a fresher environment for longer. Almost any environment where public image, public comfort or air quality is of importance, ENVIRO ANGEL will effectively maintain a high level of freshness.

• Cost Effective

With a power rating of only 10 w it costs a fraction of the cost of running a standard light bulb, making ENVIRO ANGEL one of the most economical odour control appliances on the market.

• Low maintenance requirements

In most instances the Corona Tubes only require replacement once every 12 months, resulting in very low running costs. This is friendly for our environment.

• Environmentally Friendly

ENVIRO ANGEL uses ambient air and reverts back to oxygen at the end of the oxidation process, leaving no harmful or polluting chemicals behind. No VOCs. No consumable waste disposal issues eg. batteries/empty canisters.

In addition to technology using corona discharge we also provide a range of Aromatic air fragrance units that produce a range of pleasant smells, whilst not getting to the source of the problem, they offer a traditional method of masking the unpleasant odour with a more acceptable one.