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Genus Viper II

Brandenburg developed Genus® VIPER™II to offer insect control for commercial premises, which require efficient products at a competitive price. The Genus® VIPER™II range has been designed and built to the highest standards and all units carry international safety certification.

All models are fitted with two 15 Watt UVa lamps, which ensure optimum attraction to flying insects. Once attracted to the unit the insect is hygienically and securely trapped onto a glue board or in the case of the high voltage model, electrocuted and safely collected in the deep catch tray.

The Genus® VIPER™II has been made easier to service, can be either wall mounted, suspended or free standing and is available as a high voltage killer or catcher unit with an IEC or *Hard-wired connection upon request.


Models Available

Glue Board – Fly Catcher
High Voltage – Fly Killer

 VPC215-2-I – Genus® Viper II – 30W Catcher IEC – 2 x 15W

 VPC215-2-H – Genus® Viper II – 30W Catcher Hard Wired – 2 x 15W

 VPK215-2-I – Genus® Viper II – 30W Killer IEC – 2 x 15W

 VPK215-2-H – Genus® Viper II – 30W Killer Hard Wired – 2 x 15W


Size:  320mm (H) x 520mm (W) x 120mm (D)

Weight:  3.5kg



  • Food Stores
  • Eating Places
  • Kitchens
  • Health


  • Worldwide Electrical Safety Certification
  • Optional Sleeved Safety Lamps
  • Easy Tool-Free Maintenance
  • Free Standing, Wall Mounted or Suspended
  • Deep Catchment Tray