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Wasps will vigorously defend their nests so a professional treatment is highly recommended for safety reasons alone. Wasps are a particular nuisance at the end of the summer when the workers are freed of the need to collect proteinaceous foods for their young and can indulge their passion for sweet materials e.g. jam and syrup. They cause a nuisance when they enter kitchens, bakeries and other premises handling sweet aromatic materials. Foodstuffs can be contaminated and staff will be disturbed or even stung. Where wasp densities are high and a real threat is perceived, production in workplaces can be halted.

It is the ability of wasps to cause painful stings that concerns most people. Unexplained road accidents have sometimes been attributed to the distraction of drivers by wasps. They are not regarded as particularly aggressive and the ability to sting is employed by the social wasps to defend their nests.



Whilst we providde a province-wide service, we offer very competitive rates for our local area of operation – Belfast, Greater Belfast, County Down and County Antrim.


Professional Advice is Always Recommended

For difficult high-access sites – we are the only company to have developed purpose built equipment allowing treatments to be carried out at heights up to 11 metres, without the need for hiring expensive access equipment.


Foraging wasp control

(A) Hygiene / Management

Foraging wasps can be excluded from buildings by the use of 3mm screens. Bait traps may be of value on a limited scale


(B) Insecticidal control

Space sprays:
Large or small scale (e.g. hand held aerosols) space sprays can be used indoors to knockdown and kill flying wasps. Operators should take care to avoid being stung by intoxicated wasps.

  • Surface sprays:
    The application of a residual film of insecticide can assist wasp control in localised areas e.g. around syrup intake points.

  • Wasp nest control using insecticides:
    Nests can be located by searching likely sites on fine days for signs of wasp activity. Flight lines of foraging wasps converging towards, or diverging away from nests may be observed in order to pin-point the nests. Ideally nests should only be treated with insecticides when activity around the nest is quiet. bOperators should wear suitable protective clothing including a veil, gloves and tight fitting sleeves and trouser cuffs. Other people should be kept away.


Nests can then be treated by:

  • Powder treatment:
    An insecticidal powder can be applied around and into the entrance of the nest. Workers are contaminated when they return to the nest and carry the powder inside. Powders are applied using mechanical dusters which may be equipped with extension tubes.
  • Surface spraying:
    A liquid surface spray may be applied liberally and directly to the nest or to the entrance holes of concealed nests.


N.B. Due to the dangers of treating wasp nests it is highly recommended that you use a professional operator who is suitably protected.


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